What`s New at JAST USA

Hello again from JAST USA, your best source for Japan’s unique interactive dating-sim games!
We’re very happy with the response to our newest bishojo game release, the fantasy RPG Lightning Warrior Raidy, which can be purchased either as a shrink wrapped CD-ROM or as a convenient Internet Download Edition. It’s a great game in which you play Raidy, a beautiful warrior who must defeat the female monsters within the evil Cubust Tower. Only Raidy possesses the combat skills to free the poor maidens who have been kidnapped from the local village of Sadd and restore happiness to the region. This game is great because whether Raidy wins or loses, the player is rewarded with pure naughtiness: if she’s victorious against her foes she can turn their individual perversions against them, but if she’s defeated, her enemies will have their way with her instead. Great for fans of female-on-female action (yuri)Raidy Characters. You can order your copy of this great game now — just $24.95!

Also for Raidy fans, remember you can browse the cool official site for the game, a great place to view all the official information on the game system, characters and sample CG art. You can also peruse the gorgeous sequel to the game, Lightning Warrior Raidy II: The Temple of Desire, which has about 5x the game play of the first game, including many more characters, an expanded combat and money system, and more. Preorder it now for free shipping when the game is “raidy.”

JAST USA always strives to carry a great selection of wonderful interactive anime game products, and we carry all the games of Hirameki International, including such outstanding titles as Ever 17, Hourglass of Summer and the Ai Yori Aoshi interactive game boxed set, all with recently reduced prices. We’ve also made a specially priced set of the popular interactive DVD titles Exodus Guilty, allowing you to pick up all three titles of this complex adventure game spanning thousands of years, for a great price of just $29.95. This series of games plays on any standard DVD player, including any computer, and the story is fascinating and highly recommended. Pick up your set now!

Now we’re hard at work on the new game Amorous Professor Cherry, which was created by popular artist Sendorikun (The Sagara Family, Tsuki: Possession) and scenario writer Minakami Tomohiro (Crescendo, others). In this game, you get to play the favorite student of a gorgeous female professor named Chieri. True to her “Cherry” nickname, she isn’t very experienced, and will need a little hand-holding from you as the two of you fall into each other. Be sure to check out our other preorder titles, including Cat Girl Alliance (futanari romp though the school) and Cosplay Academy (bizarro world where all the girls wear super-sexy costumes for you). All are available for preorder.

That’s all for now. Thanks for being a dedicated fan of the dating-sim game genre, and for supporting our efforts at publishing these unique independent games. Continue to expect great things from JAST USA!