Some Crazy Duder Hit Level 100 Without Choosing a Faction and Patch 6.1 is Here!

Some dude, some Pandaren dude, hits level 100 without ever leavin the starter area! Read my thoughts about it!

At first, I was bothered by this, and yeah… you know what, I’ll admit it that it was irrational, but it felt wrong. You know? Here I am, spending my hard earned wow gold on cool gear, sweet equipment and the like. I mean I’m really just toiling away, picking up quests across the entire continent to make ends meet. I ain’t complainin’ I’m a proud member of The Horde, I’m just sayin’

And then, some dude, some Pandaren dude, hits level 100 without ever leavin the starter area!?!?

That was my first reaction, but then I calmed down a bit, drank some bacon juice, and then I was like… you know what? That takes chutzpah, you broke the game, congrats. I wonder if the dude… his name’s DoubleAgent, btw, has got any alts.

I mean I kinda like the idea of some dude with this one character who does nuthin’ but gains the tiniest amounts of XP from these menial tasks, eschewing the comforts a life overflowing with wow gold would bring. Yeah, I said “eschewing.” What? I read sometimes. Anypoop, here’s a pic DoubleAgent took the moment he hit 100. I bet he just slammed the keyboard down, hit the sack and went to bed immediately after.

Anyway, ye old Darkmoon Faire’s in town again, you know what means, riiiiiiiiidge raceeeees! If y’all need some safe wow gold, hit up the PIG, mkay? Otherwise, you can just enter the the new March race, they’re gonna do a new race like, every month till June, so I guess you porkers must love ‘em!


Before I go, y’all should know Patch 6.1 is here, at last! That means all you lame Blood Elves get a model upgrade (the new ones do look cool, even I’ve gotta admit). Also, you can now send tweets for items and achievements, though why you’d want to from within WoW is a mystery. I guess I’m old school.

There’s been a bunch of new Garrison followers that have bee added as well in the new patch (HYPE!) I wrote about them in my last post, so… check that out if you want details, but yeah, it’s pretty cool. The Blizz has also added new items, like a music box you can assemble, and new missions for your followers if they’re totally getting on your nerves and you want to send ‘em away on suicide missions.

With that, I’m outtie5thou, ciao! Oh, and yeah, for real, you need to buy wow gold, the PIG’s got yer back. It’s what we do.

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