Or entitled “the long shadow, network space and huge robot: a drug I saw the diary.” The outstanding person’s power: drainage underdraker theft and his precious casket on spike.

The PAX Prime conference in Seattle a week later, I checked the game, to board, hanging out with friends old and new, I finally returned to New York. Although it is easy to slip into recovery mode after a comprehensive meeting, I was actually a be hardly worthy of belief vitality, hope to share my thoughts on some of the game, I see and I played in the past week.
Although there are a ton of big, the upcoming AAA release at the show, I spent most of my time in the small team or player demo project, I just can’t keep my hands quickly match. I just don’t have the time or space to every game I see the details, so just assume that if I mention one thing, that is because I think it’s very red.
A consensual hallucination
For better or worse, I think 2015 is always a long, breathless conversation, virtual reality is dominant. When I’m gone Oculus Rift back at E3, this is my experience, this week I from optimism to cautious optimism, “wonder if”. Ironically, this thing that I believe, virtual reality technology can provide more than Wii the movement style novel, my eyes out of touch demo below. I discussed this experience, we started on Saturday evening panel, but for those who are not there: I was left standing in a virtual grey space, synchronous head gaze demo runner up, because of his efforts to restart the system. But not childish pleasure in his presentation he just gave it to Alex, he was very worried and uncertain. I just stood there, looking at another person’s digital representation of virtual environment, trying to put his stock, can’t see me. The atmosphere is very heavy with one’s hair standing on end, strange, I left the excited to see what kind of story, talented game makers will be able to this format.
An example of a virtual story I a few days later, when I tried to call a star seed, the valve support HTC long live VR game. Star seed is the first person adventure game, taking cues from the 80 fantasy adventure film, the goonies. Let the game player with a star seed, Moodie’s position and ask them to solve problems and environment of the inventory items. The controller two is high, PlayStation Move as a magic wand, they don’t stand next to no touch of comfort.

“Shine” from one location to the next a be hardly worthy of belief and intuitive, and the perfect game, exploration focused on slow.
But the Star Seed call has something to offer, Oculus shows no: moving in a potential solution (slow) virtual game. In real life, game player can walk around in a bounding box. A little farther distance, they looked at the distance, the press of a button, a moving moment, set in a new box. This is a surprisingly smooth movement, to this kind of adventure game works very well, although the action title may require a different solution. I have a star seed creative director Denny Unger telephone interview of giant bomb the podcast feed soon!
(I have 1/3 virtual reality experience, but this one is not involved Headset. Nina Freeman I really show surprise Sibelius lei. It does not need I put the last unique Headset, let me into a different time and place. Sibelius mine took me so clearly go back in time I spent on the Internet as a young boy, with the game to meet the people find out who I am, I care about. Interested? Have a look with me, Nina, I recorded the demo!
Walking tank
Yes, it is right. The giant bomb at a real ass hexagonal tiles secretly on the COM.
Speaking of nostalgia, this is love the giant robot I have a long time the secret. So it should not be too strange, my budget enough time to check out the four different mecha game.
In the picture: the deck mech recommendation, I found in the independent megabooth desktop part. This is a short, two to four players tactical combat game, a combination of based on hex map, 3D printing machinery, unique personality, ability, and a deck of cards, give you special behavior (reaction), can put a counter trend. It is based on the modular assembly can be customized or something in the game at the beginning of the drafting of multiple sessions. My feet with a mortar shell, the enemy in the long distance metal giants, and then use a whip like claws to drag in the enemy too close, only then they leave a super punch. This is a beautiful. The designer has just launched Kickstarter sports game, and the game should be in autumn.

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