Gene is a hybrid monster, monster and plundering the sentry symbiotic bacteriapreferred design spirit, in all (or wait for anyone brave enough to enter). Read about it in the article!

In the west the depth of grimvault, the genetic material of choice for file storagefacilities for the collection of all. The strain is used to create biological in thedamaged version, and try to open the preferred force increases. The stress control preferred in technophage and the rest of the damage, they. In geneticdepth of ohmna is preferred, in which players can understand the data cube aggregate in the world. Ohmna is deformation, dreadphage.

The Exo laboratory is a complex maze of rooms, corridors and nodes of the sponge is a mixture of the preferred technology and the growth of fou.l’rivals andthe danger of life, completed the first part of the lab and the structure and thedefense mechanism is the preferred start showing off their existence.

A great progress of the genetic archives players will face, such as the initial RAIDcontent of the game, trying to wildstar PVE. It is designed for athletes andcharacteristics (including 6 big boss 20 dreadphage ohmna) and 10 minibossesharmony. (unknown) input required before, so as to ensure they do not want to fight the boss in the regulation institutions (we tried to get you drunk).

The spoils of war and the reputation is killing the boss and reduced from 3 to 5 minibosses epic and possible projects respectively 1.d’challenge price selectionRAID technology has enough to do a reward players. Examples include legalchallenges, 2 rooms, such as special centrifuge high laser rotation, the room was filled with nano robots fatal explosion and a room, reminding people why are they afraid of obscurit e.La capability and the boss a direct challenge to unlockitems for purchase. These types of challenges, let players experience proved tosatisfy his MA tre.un early example is the platform of the battle and a certain amount of X – 89 remaining after the end of.

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